Physikpraktikum 3 + 4 – Physics Lab 3 + 4

im Physikpraktikum des Physikdepartements

Physics Lab Award

Do you have ideas for improving existing experiments, or for setting up new ones?

Every year the department of physics awards the prize for the best innovation in the Physics Lab 3 + 4. Eligible are students, PhD-students, postdocs, assistants, professors, as well as other members of the department. Please discuss your proposal with the heads of the Physics Lab 3 + 4.

2019: Dr. Andrea Morales and Joaquín Minguzzi Aranis: Magneto-Optical Trap MOT

2017: Dr. Toni Shiroka: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance NMR
Toni Toni2

2017: Adam Sookdeo: Radio Carbon Dating

2016: Simon Birrer: Advanced Student Lab in Astronomy
Simon Simon2 Simon3

2015: Dr. Keita Otani: Intersubband Transitions in a Quantum Well
Keita Keita2 Keita3

2014: Dr. Julien Basset: Josephson Effect
Julien Julien2Julien3

2013: Dr. Martin Kroner: Quantum Dot Spectroscopy
MArtin MArtin2 Martin3

2012: Dr. Clara Saraceno: Solid-State Laser
Clara Clara2 Clara3

2012: Leticia Tarruell & Rafael Mottl: Atom Photon Interaction
Raffael API API2

2011: Dr. Clemens Rössler: Student Cleanroom Lab
Clemens Clemens2 Clemens3

2010: Dr. Arnold Müller: Alpha-Absorption & Gamma-Absorption
Arnold Arnold2 Arnold3

2010: Dr. Thomas Müller: Electronics A+D
Thomas Thomas2 Thomas3

2009: Dr. Robert Jördens: Entangled Photons
Robert Robert2 Robert3